air pocket for cool comfort

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3 Unique Designs

Built in Sleeve

Front view of cup with built in sleeve
Top view of cup with built in sleeve - does not require a sleeve - no need to double cup - insulates hot beverages - optimizes logo exposure


Various cup sizes - 5oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 20oz
Oz Volume (ml) GSM Weight Dimensions
5 118ml 190 2.97 62.2 x 61.0
8 236ml 260 7.52 80.47 x 91.0
12 354ml 260 8.45 89.53 x 99.0
16 473ml 295 12.47 89.53 x 133.5
20 591ml 295 13.92 89.5 x 150.0


How to place a lid to prevent coffee stains and drips

*Available in custom prints or the generic design

*Made from food grade paper boards - 100% recyclable

*Uses less paper than the conventional cup & sleeve

*Biodegradable - 80% to 90% subject to certain environmental conditions

*FSC certified forests means the paper was produced responsibly, ensuring sustainable forestry practices and a commitment to safeguarding

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We service your business with quality packaging products to enhance satisfaction and convenience. What better than to serve coffee and other beverages to your customers and guests in a disposable hot cup with attractive designs and unique patterns. You will help the environment by not using double cups, conventional sleeves or styrofoam. Miracle cups can assist with custom prints to proudly display your company logo or your favorite photos on these cups. Please feel free to contact us!

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